Your San Diego County Property Damage Restoration Experts

Caliber Restoration Inc. will restore your home or business, no matter the size. Whether you need fire damage repair and carpet cleaning after a significant wildfire; water restoration services following flooding – we’ve got it all covered!

Caliber Restoration Inc., a leading disaster restoration contractor in the San Diego is proud to offer high-quality services at affordable rates. With our quick response time and professional staff members we can help you with any need your home or business may have!

Emergency Services

You can count on it when disaster strikes. Caliber Restorations, Inc.’s Rapid Response Team provides immediate assistance in securing your business from the elements to prevent additional damage and ensures that you are back up-and running as soon as possible with a guarantee of quality workmanship for all our clients’ needs!

Water Remediation


Water damage restoration is an essential process that must be completed when waternetic intrusions occur. The first step in this remediation, as the name suggests deals with removing all visible signs of moisture on your property before anything else can happen- like mold growth! Our professionals are trained to identify where you saw issues so we don’t have any potential accidents during our work here at Signals Company Incorporated

When extraction starts then monitoring begins because wrong procedures could cause more problems than just being messy or taking too long – It’s crucial for everything done correctly from drying out structures/contents etc., otherwise hazardous materials might start growing again due lack.

Mold Mitigation & Remediation

Mold infestations are not only unsightly but also dangerous. They feed on organic materials such as wood, paper and many fabrics; if left unchecked they will rot your home or business away until all that’s left is ruins of what was once beautiful architecture in an abandoned building

Mold can be found everywhere – inside homes where it causes ceilings to fall apart due its constant erosion against structural supports which leaves visible signs throughout rooms like missing patches around windowsills after water damage wiping out entire walls so beloved artwork gets lost forever because nobody wants more expensive.

Fire, Smoke & Odor Removal


Our professionals will inspect your home for damages caused by fire, smoke and odor removal. They are trained to identify heat sources which cause these issues as well as other aspects such like soot or water damage in order create an effective restoration plan that helps get you back on track!


General Contracting Services

Caliber Restoration Inc. is a full service general contracting company that specializes in large loss commercial and high-dollar private home insurance restoration services for properties damaged by fire or water as well as natural disasters suchs hospitalization beds it may be necessary to rebuild structures destroyed immediately following these types event; we can also work closely with our clients during their difficult times so they are able get back on track quickly while minimizing any long term impact caused from devastating damage sustained during an occurrence.

Insurance Solutions


Insurance Solutions, Caliber Restoration Inc. assists our customers in navigating the complicated landscape of insurance. We work with clients and their brokers to help prepare for a large claim that can be difficult without professional assistance from those who have been through it before you- especially if this has happened more than once or is affecting your business’ bottom line due lack coverage which leaves them vulnerable when accidents happen at alarming rates across America today leaving many companies uninsured.


Asbestos Abatement Services

Asbestos is a hazardous mineral fiber that was often used for insulation and as fire retardant, in addition to its many other uses. However if asbestos becomes disturbed or damaged it releases harmful particles into the air which have been demonstrated by research studiesto be linked with serious lung conditions including cancer.

Lead Paint Removal Services


Lead paint is a serious issue that can affect your commercial property. The older the structure, and especially if it was built with old materials like lead paint (which has been known to happen), then there’s greater chance you have this toxic substance on site–and without proper knowledge or certification from professionals who live within their field of expertise will only end up causing more damage than good!

Interior Demolition Services

Interior demolition services can be used for any type of space that needs to have its interior elements removed. This may include walls, ceilings and floors as well as salvaged materials being recycled or reused in other projects

The most common form is called “gutting,” which means removing all the contents from within a structure leaving behind only an empty shell.

Property Management Solutions

Caliber Restoration Inc. assists our customers in navigating the complicated landscape of insurance. Our group works with clients and their brokers, to help prepare for a large and complex loss. If that loss occurs, we consult on coverage, pricing, and settlement, and assist in determining methods to mitigate. We maintain strong working relationships with insurers, adjusters, and consultants to facilitate claim resolutions. This group is led by David Passman. He has over 45 years’ experience working for the three largest global brokers preparing clients for and managing large losses.

Reconstruction Services

The professionals at Caliber Restorations, Inc. know that after a disaster, property restoration is necessary to get your home back in order. They offer complete service for all types of disasters including mold and storm damage as well fire or water-soaked structures – getting them cleaned up fast with quality workmanship always on display.


• Our team reconstructs residential and commercial properties
• We provide structural stabilization, site security and emergency board-ups
• You can get a complete and thorough estimate of reconstruction costs from us
• We demolish and remove debris for your property
• We also perform general construction services that include masonry, paint, electrical work, carpentry, HVAC work, appliances installation etc.

Big Problems require big solutions. Contact us now to find out more about our company or request an estimate.